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Beware of Stolen Ebooks for sale

Someone alerted me to a website that was selling stolen Kindle books - as in they are copying it and selling it in their store. I found Zherosha Chronicles: Unkown Origin there.

The problem is with sites like these, I do not see a dime from those sales. I only sell on If you see my book on any other site (even free), it's stolen. I give Amazon exclusive rights to publish and in return, I can enroll the ebook in Kindle Unlimited. People who have Kindle unlimited can read my book for free and I still get paid. You can loan the book (through the kindle library) and I still get paid.

So, please be wary of such sites. Some are not even selling the books - but rather phishing for your Credit card info. The cover is there, and it looks legit, but instead of giving you a book, nothing happens - until you find unexplained charges to your credit card. God help you if you have a debit card tied to your bank account.

If you are a fellow Author, check this out: