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Wake up cover, Water and a handRebecca had a perfect job, with perfect coworkers and a perfect boss, a crush on the perfect man, and pretty much a perfect life after dealing with her abusive parents. A back injury and an accidental overdose gave her an out to pursue her life without her parent's interference.

After Rebeca has a realistic dream where she is getting ready for the day and wakes up to find that she is late for work, the first time since she started to work there. Things become progressively worse as she began to randomly dream of her job and a strange world with two moons. Her apartment changes before her eyes and Rebecca begins to wonder if it's all one big fever dream.

Energetic Insanity cover, Contains young woman and ghostMichell is a young woman about ready to graduate Highschool. When on a court-mandated visitation with her father, she finds out that their business wasn't doing so well. The age of paranormal activities was over, and Michell's special gift was no longer sought after.

She notices that her father is tense and she fears that he might lose it. The business that they ran kept him sane for the time it ran, but it seemed that even he understood that it was over.

When her father finally does something to get the cops involved, Michell is relieved to find out that she isn't the only one with the gift.